Three Baby Zebras

Three Zebras have been born within the last two weeks at the Bioparc so I took the first opportunity to visit with my camera and get some photos of the new arrivals. Unlike the last visit, the Bioparc was not busy giving me good access for some great shots.

The first thing that struck me was how big the babies were. When I visited yesterday one of them was 10 days old, the other two, only 3 days old but already they could walk and run and stand steadily on their feet.

feeding baby smiling zebras baby mum and baby

At birth they are usually around 3ft tall and can walk within 15 minutes of being born, being able to run only 15 minutes later. As can be seen the stripes are initially brown, gradually changing to black over the next four months. The first baby called Luci was born on Saturday 26th April out in the open savannah area in full view of the public. An amazing sight for those lucky enough to be visiting at the time. There are some photos taken immediately after the birth on the Bioparc website

The other two were apparently born on 5th May but as yet i have no further information. the older one can be spotted by the blacker colouring of its stripes.

running baby roll over at rest resting mum


I spent some considerable time watching them run, walk, feed and rest whilst all the time keeping an eye on the rhinoceros who were in the same enclosure but who curiously kept their distance.

After this I, of course, visited the cafeteria which this time was completely empty, the sparrows were obviously starving due to lack of custom as they immediately flew to my table for some crumbs of food, it was quite easy to get them to take food from my hand on this occasion. The fish also swam in for the chance of a few crumbs, although I draw the line at feeding fish on croissants.

By this time the parc was beginning to fill nicely and there was a healthy crowd to see the lunchtime show in the amphitheatre. I sat on the other side as the sun was not shining into my eyes, and this gave me the chance to get some different photos this week.

crowned crane vulture Jackal Jackal jumping

I was still adjusting my camera as the show opened and I felt the wind from the wings of the eagle as it swooped extremely close to my head. I finally managed to get the Grey Crowned Crane in flight as well as a close up of the Jackal who, I am sure, would make a fabulous pet.

Before leaving I stole another look at the Zebras who, by this time, were sleeping off a strenuous day.

sleeping baby

Another great day at the Bioparc and another great example of the success of the place. There was no sign of the Giraffe who was born on 18th April. This calf was apparently rejected by its mother and the keepers are battling to hand rear her. Fingers crossed that we will see a positive outcome and I can report on her good progress on my next visit.



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