Holiday at the Parc

A disappointing start to the day ended with some interesting opportunities and great photos in a packed Bioparc. The easter holidays have meant that it has been difficult for me to write this blog and it is now a week after I visited the parc. It was the school holidays and I knew it was going to be busy, but I was not prepared for the volume of people visiting. My annual pass allowed me to bypass the huge queues waiting to enter the Bioparc, however once inside there was no magic pass that would allow me to get to the good vantage points to see the animals clearly. Even more disappointing was that after queueing at the cafeteria there was no table at which to sit and enjoy my coffee!

After quickly walking around I eventually found a place with an uninterupted  view of the Bongos and was rewarded for my patience. The baby Bongo has started to grow horns which gives it a slightly demonic look as he spent time nuzzling up to dad.

Bongo 4446bongo 4526 Bongo 4525 Bongo 4496

After spending some considerable time with the Bongos it was time to move on to the Bird show. A virtually full arena saw the full range of exhibits which gave me some good opportunities to get some photos of the birds in flight. The fish eagle flew around for some time before coming in at a different angle to pick up the fish giving a clear view of its technique. With clear blue skies and hot sunshine it was a good spectacle for all.

fish eagle 4572 fish eagle 4575  fish eagle 4577

vulture 4616 vulture 4601 vulture 4589 vulture 4585 owl 4537


After the bird show the parc started to thin out as many of the visitors headed for lunch in the restaurant. Although I have never eaten in the restaurant, it is inexpensive and looks good. This gave me some breathing space and I was able to walk round a little more leisurely.  This timing coincided nicely with the Hyena deciding to take a bath. I have seen them in the water before and its great to watch them playing and having fun.

hyena 4672 hyena 4671 hyena 4665 hyena 4662

Further round I came across a new exhibit. In the enclosure that used to house the lonely Rhino (written about a few weeks ago) were some Gazelles which I think are Grants Gazelles. The Rhino has been moved to Seville Zoo where he is apparently settling in well with his new family. I presume the gazelles will being moved to the Savannah once they have acclimatised to their new surroundings, leaving space for something else in this enclosure

gazelle 4686 gazelle 4679 gazelle 4655

I hope to get back to the Bioparc sometime this week as two new babies have been born since my last visit. A Giraffe and a Zebra.


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