Bioparc in the rain

A trip away and Valencia Fallas have meant that I am very late writing my blog after my visit to the Bioparc last Thursday. Heavy rain, not seen for ages here,meant that the parc was quite empty and I was able to observe the animals for some time without disturbance. My walk around the perimeter found the Hyenas chasing each other furiously around their enclosure and provided a good photo opportunity. This presumably was the prelude to the mating ritual as, although there was plenty of contact and baring of teeth, there was no attack or damage to either Hyena.

Hyenas Hyenas 4 Hyenas 3 Hyenas 2 Hyena Hyena 2

After some time here I moved on to find the baby Aardvark nuzzling up to its mother. Their enclosure is kept in almost complete darkness so my attempts at a photograph were not great, the high ISO causing a lot of noise, but I thought it worth including as this is not often seen.


Further round the Meerkats were also showing off their babies, who were running round and copying the behaviour of the adults. The giraffe bending down to get a look gave an amusing backdrop to the pictures. Even at this young age, I’m not sure when they were born but they can only be a few months old, they are learning to stand up and look out for any danger.

   meerkat and giraffe meerkat and giraffe 2meerkat and giraffe3meerkats 2meerkats

There were three Eastern Bongo in the enclosure today. The mother and baby plus a new, much darker coloured animal who was very timid and kept to the edge of the rocks at all times. I couldn’t find out what the additional animal was or if it was a new addition.

 bongo 3bongo bongo 2

The highlight for me today was the feeding of the birds in the aviary at 13.30. Because of the weather I was the only person in the aviary when this took place giving the opportunity to get really close to the birds. The Royal starlings are magnificent with their bright yellow breasts and long tail. My attempts to photograph one in flight were mildly successful despite the poor light,l but when perched nearby I was able to get incredibly close with pleasing results. From face on their eyes look exceedingly menacing! The Cape Thicknees often allow me to get close up and didn’t disappoint today. I was particularly pleased with the close up head shot.

Thicknee thicknee eye starlings starling royal starling 3 royal starling 2 royal starling 4 flights

As reported last time Fallas is in full swing but the animals seem completely oblivious to the noise.

apologies for the delay in writing this blog and also for the very brief commentary. I thought it best to get something down quickly and will elaborate more next time.