Happy 6th Birthday

Amazingly the Bioparc is six years old on 28th February, it only seems a couple of years since I bought my first annual pass and I’m still finding new things to enjoy with every visit. There are many activities planned for the weekend to celebrate this including cheap entrance fees if booked via their website. There are also activities for children and an African dance workshop.

I arrived a little later than normal this week and barely had time for a coffee before the mid day show started. What started as a bird show has now evolved into an animal and bird show. Todays show started with a Palm nut Vulture flying into the arena, this was followed by the arrival of two Porcupines running through looking for food. We also had Red River Hogs, Vultures, Marabou and a display by the Jackal who has been trained like an obedient dog.

DPPS_1090 DPPS_1060 DPPS_1073 DPPS_1086 DPPS_1069 DPPS_1109

His trainer hasn’t been around for a while so this part of the show has been missing for some time. They work very well together following sit, stay, come, roll over commands etc.

DPPS_1096 DPPS_1097 DPPS_1105

I was pleased with the quality of many of my photos today so this blog will be quite a photo gallery. After the show I found myself near the elephant enclosure, they had just been fed and were very frisky giving plenty of opportunity for action shots, afterwards they went into the lake for a swim too.

DPPS_1119 DPPS_1135 DPPS_1150 DPPS_1147 DPPS_1184 DPPS_1186

I have often seen the elephants in the water, but not for some time. The elephants really seem to enjoy the water and look like they are trying to make as big a splash as possible once they are in. Here’s a few examples of my favourite shots, there were just too many to include all of them.

Once the elephants had dried off and sprayed themselves with mud I moved on to see how the Lions were getting on. The whole family was sitting out enjoying the fresh air. The male on top of a large rock making for an excellent shot.

DPPS_1202 DPPS_1210 DPPS_1228

The two young lions have certainly grown up quickly and are not much smaller than the females. I’m not sure of the plans for their future, I believe one of them is a male so he will almost certainly be moved on. Being as it was now the afternoon they had settled down for a rest, as had most of the animals so it was time to head off home. Fallas is looming and I’m not sure how the animals will react to the constant cacophony of noise from the fireworks. I may try to time a visit during the mascleta (a wall of sound from mid day fireworks) to see their reaction.


3 thoughts on “Happy 6th Birthday

  1. Hi Athleticpete. great pics. (like ever) and good explanations about all that concerns on Bioparc.
    Don’t worry by the noise during Fallas, the animals in Bioparc just ignore it.


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